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Chiropractor Missoula MT Jeff Engel

Board Certified in Neuropathy

Jeffrey M. Engel, DC, BCN

Dr. Engel is Board Certified in Neuropathy from the American College of Physical Medicine and graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic. He is the CEO of Montana Neuropathy and Spine Center and has been in private practice since 2011.

Recognizing the limitations within conventional treatment modalities for severe spinal conditions, Dr. Engel dedicated himself to specializing in neuropathy and non-surgical spinal decompression. This focus stems from his understanding of the critical impact these conditions have on an individual's quality of life and the often-limited options available for effective treatment.

Beyond his specialization, Dr. Engel possesses an extensive knowledge of nutrition and metabolic health. He integrates this understanding into his practice, providing a holistic approach to treatment that addresses not only the structural aspects of spinal health but also the metabolic factors contributing to his patients' conditions. This comprehensive perspective has enabled Dr. Engel to develop a unique and successful combination of treatments for conditions that traditionally had few alternatives outside of surgical intervention.

Dr. Engel's approach is characterized by a commitment to personalized care, with treatments tailored to meet the individual needs of his patients. His dedication to his field and his patients has made him a respected figure in the chiropractic and medical community and a trusted provider for those seeking alternatives to surgery for their spinal conditions.

Chiropractor Missoula MT David Hardin


David Hardin, DC

During his 14 years of practice, Dr. Hardin has treated many conditions. He firmly believes that patients come into treatment believing they will have success. His goal is to assess each one in-depth and customize a care plan that treats their unique situation. 

Part of the plan includes communicating with and educating his patients before starting treatment. Working together as a team, superior results can be achieved.

In his free time, you will find Dr. Hardin outside. He loves all outdoor sports including golf, camping, hiking, skiing, and whitewater rafting. Living in Montana has provided him with the opportunity to share all the area has to offer with his family.

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Chiropractic Missoula MT Elizabeth Meet The Team

Office Manager & Billing Specialist

Elizabeth Allsworth

Elizabeth Allsworth is committed to helping people explore and live the lives they want to live. Born and raised in Missoula (Go Griz!), she has lived in England, France, and Japan.

Elizabeth has also lived in Rhode Island and worked in the field of International Education for 20 years. She returned to Missoula with her husband and children to be part of the Missoula community again. She remains passionate about bringing change to people's lives through knowledge, choice, and self-care. Elizabeth looks forward to seeing you in the office and around town!

Chiropractic Missoula MT Robyn Meet The Team

Therapy Specialist

Robyn Weishaar

Meet Robyn, your dedicated therapy assistant at Montana Neuropathy and Spine Center. A Missoula native and a lifelong dancer, Robyn brings a creative touch to chiropractic care. Born and raised in the area, she is excited to contribute to the community's well-being. Join Robyn at Montana Neuropathy and Spine Center for a personalized and uplifting wellness experience.

Chiropractic Missoula MT Erika Meet The Team

Front Desk Specialist


Erika will greet you as the front desk Patient Care Coordinator. She was born and raised in Montana. Her parents were born and raised here in Missoula and she recently moved here as well. Erika was a Massage Therapist for 27 years. She likes all sports, especially Griz sports, and spending time at the family cabin on Flathead Lake. She loves people and can’t wait to meet you in the office!


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