Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Jeff listens carefully to my current complaint and addresses it. I always leave feeling better. His staff is friendly and helpful and I am happy to recommend him to family and friends!"

- Vicki

"After hunching over 20 years my back was horribly misaligned causing lots of insomnia. I came in to Dr. Jeff and we created a plan to correct my body. It's been a few weeks and I have noticed substantial changes to my muscles and back. My insomnia is gone!! I am so excited to not deal with pain! Thank you Dr. Jeff!!"

- M.N.

"I have only been coming to Optimum Health for just under 6 months and love the service. I really appreciate the advice for different stretches and moves to help strengthen areas. Dr. Engel is very personable and the staff is very helpful."

- Lindsey

"My husband found Dr. Engel through his great reviews and called - getting me in right away. I came in with constant headaches and neck pain. Dr. Engel worked out a plan for me, and I knew immediately I was in great hands! My headaches have nearly disappeared and my pain significantly minimized. I'm so grateful!"

- Jessica

"I recently moved to the area from out of state and desperately needed an experienced sport medicine chiropractor. After several online reviews I was able to narrow my search down to Optimum Health. Based on my very first visit with Dr. Engel, I knew I found the right place for me. Dr. Jeff is determined to help me reach my health and fitness goals. Not only did he adjust areas of concern, he was also able to locate areas I thought were going to be - live with pain areas. He has brought so much relief to my daily activities that I can now take in more activities with weight, agility and range of motion. As a bonus, I am receiving educational tools and advice from him each visit. I personally couldn't be more pleased with Dr. Jeff's natural ability and skills to adjust and prevent injury in the body. I will be referring family and friends to Optimum Health as a result. Thank you Dr. Jeff for helping me stick to my goals and make new ones throughout the year, as well as keeping me injury-free."

- Rebecca

"Dr. Jeff Engel can inform you about weight loss resistance due to body toxicity and teach you about a proper nutrition plan that works with your body and will help you melt away pounds for good. Dr. Jeff’s healthy weight loss program focuses on improving your overall health resulting in slower but more permanent results. I have been working with Dr. Jeff to meet my weight loss goal and have lost 30 pounds. I am healthier and have more energy. Thanks Dr. Jeff!"

- Melissa

"After visiting a few chiropractic clinics in Missoula and not being satisfied. I found my self at Dr. Jeff Engel's office. I came in with chronic upper back and chest pain. Dr. Engel quickly and thoroughly analyzed my symptoms and put together a treatment plan. After two short months my symptoms are almost completely gone. My quality of life has greatly improved since I've seen Dr. Engel. I highly recommend Dr. Engel to anyone looking for a chiropractor that will take you and your symptoms serious and professionally."

- Ryan

"I came to Dr. Jeff with a lot of back pain and reduced functioning due to years of overweight, bad posture, and poor personal maintenance. My back would hurt nearly every day and would hurt for hours once it started. After 3 months of adjustments, my back pain was reduced from every day to once every couple of weeks, and could be alleviated with some of Dr. Jeff's recommended exercises. Eight months into treatment, I can engage in strenuous activities without the ever-present pain that had slowed me down for a long time. Dr. Jeff is professional and methodical, with a gentle touch, which is crucial for anyone like me who gets squeamish over spinal adjustments. I highly recommend Optimum for addressing chronic back pain."

- Melissa


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