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Montana Neuropathy & Spine Center in Missoula MT (formerly Optimum Health and Wellness) is a pioneering healthcare facility dedicated to offering comprehensive and integrative solutions for individuals suffering from conditions affecting the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Our practice is built upon the foundational belief that optimal health and wellness can only be achieved through a holistic approach that addresses the intricate relationships between the neurological, structural, and metabolic components of the human body.


At the core of our approach lies a deep focus on neurology, understanding that the nervous system is the central command for the body's functions and well-being. Conditions such as neuropathy and radiculopathy are directly linked to neurological health, and our team employs state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment modalities to address these issues. By targeting the neurological roots of these conditions, we aim to restore functionality and reduce pain through personalized care plans.


The structural integrity of the body, particularly the spine, plays a crucial role in overall health. Spinal degeneration and disc pathology can lead to significant discomfort and mobility issues, affecting one's quality of life. Our center emphasizes the importance of structural health, employing innovative therapies and rehabilitation techniques designed to support and enhance the musculoskeletal system's structure. Our targeted approach not only alleviates symptoms but also addresses the underlying causes of structural imbalances.

Metabolic Components

Recognizing that metabolic health significantly impacts neurological and structural well-being, our holistic strategy includes metabolic assessment and optimization. By evaluating and addressing metabolic factors such as nutrition, hormonal balance, and inflammation, we can further support the body's healing process. This comprehensive approach ensures that each patient receives a tailored plan that encompasses all aspects of their health.

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At Montana Neuropathy & Spine Center, we believe that by addressing these components of health in an integrated manner, we can offer our patients the most effective path towards recovery and long-term wellness. Our team of experts is committed to providing the highest quality care, utilizing a blend of traditional and innovative therapies to treat conditions such as neuropathy, radiculopathy, spinal degeneration, and spinal disc pathology.


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